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Night-Vision Hog Hunts

GCHuntFish has some of the greatest hog hunting stories. Your guide(s) are very experienced and have been hunting hogs for many years. Why? Wild hogs create damage on agricultural and ranch lands. They produce large litters at an alarming rate and are a pain in our necks. We hunt wild hogs using night-vision and thermal scopes mounted on AR's, goggles, and other equipment. Help us manage these lands while at the same time engaging in some fun sport!

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Deer Hunts - Seasonal

Excitement hits us when that north wind starts blowing through SE Texas in October and November. It always feels like we've been ready for this time of year forever. We manage and hunt nearly 65,000 low-fenced acres of whitetail lands. With an average of 10-15 reserved buck hunts, and even more doe hunts, our hunts are fully guided, fun, and affordable for most hunters. You're welcome to bring your own rifle(s), however if you do not have one, we have a variety on hand for you. 

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Duck Hunts, Gator Hunts, Fishing Charters

All of our hunts are fully-guided with one of the most well-known guides in Texas.  Whether you're here for bird hunting, gator hunting, hog or deer hunting, all of our hunts are within Matagorda and Brazoria County, just southwest of Houston. If fishing is what you're interested in, we have several guides and outfitters we team you up with to make sure you are placed with someone that fits your needs. 

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